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Beauty trends of 2019

Beauty trends can be extreme, more for the catwalk or not very adaptable to every day working life.

I have been very interested by this year’s trends and how you can adapt them in your everyday routine, or for a fun weekend activity!

Beauty has no limits and if you like being fashion/beauty conscience here are my ideas on touching on certain trends in a more doable way!

Firstly…..think BOLD AND BRIGHT.

I’ve been seeing a lot of imagery recently with models showcasing coloured mascara. This is is slightly tricky trend, depending on your profession and if you work in a corporate set up, many people wouldn’t rock up to work with neon orange mascara! You can however adapt this look into a really quick and easy eyeshadow look. This is a really fun alternative to a smokey eye where typically you would use blacks/browns. Why not try a sunset smokey eye. I’m obsessed with using burnt oranges, reds and pinks. These colours really accentuate the eye if you have blue/green eyes – this will make your eye colour POP. If you have brown/hazel eyes try using navy and blue colours, this will make your brown/hazel eyes POP too! Don’t be scared by colour – make it your own!

On this model I went for ‘Sunset’ smokey eye using different shades of oranges. Instead of lining the eyes with black, I used a copper brown and smudged it out at the corners to create a softer look. Using this technique means you can create this look quickly – smudging out lines instead of creating straight perfect lines will save you LOTS of time!!

If you want to try coloured mascara but you’re not sure what colour to go for I would recommend a plum/purple mascara if you have blue or green eyes. Again this will make your eye colour POP. If you have hazel or brown eyes, go for a navy mascara.

Another look I think is fun to play with is ‘Pantone’ hair colours – this works if you have lighter hair. I’ve played around with peach and pink and, again depending on your work or if you just wanted something different for the weekend, its a cool trend to play with. At the hairdresser instead of having the blonder bits toned with ashy toner, why not try having a warm peach toner put on? Pastel shades look SO pretty on the hair. You can also get many wash in, wash out box dyes from your local chemist. These kits are very easy to use and it gives you the chance to experiment with colour,  both inexpensively and it is temporary!I hope you enjoyed this month’s article, you can follow me on my Instagram ‘hollymae_20’ and please check out my website at