Bossing Up Any Time Of The Month

Even While On Your Period

Often times when women are on their monthly cycle, having their Lady Days, Mooncycle, having a visitor over for the week or is on her TOTM!® they may feel cranky, bloated, on edge and not their happy selves. This can affect how they deal with their children, their spouses, even the people they work with.

Here are 3 ways to boss up at any time of the month.

We know that it’s coming. She comes for some of us without fail every 28 days. So why not prepare yourself 1 full week prior to she arrives. You know the “She” to whom I am referring to. Aunt Flo! Your “Friend”, your period and to some, the “Curse”. A week before she comes, be sure to have your feminine products stocked. The last thing you want is to not have any of your favorite go to items available when she comes

As a Boss Babe, we have several pocketbooks that we switch up daily. So it’s a good idea to keep some feminine wipes and at least 2 pads or tampons in the inside pocket of your bag so you will be prepared in case she comes early. Preparation eases your mind about having any unfortunate accidents. Because accidents do happen.

Create an atmosphere in your personal workspace of tranquility. This can be achieve without lighting candles as to avoid open flames in a busy work environment. A diffuser is an excellent alternative to candles.
Citrus scents such as Orange and Lemon help you maintain an upbeat attitude.
Patchouli helps to ground you.

The week of your TOTM!® eat like a Goddess. Boss Babes during their monthly cycle should eat foods that will address the symptoms of pms that may take them off their square. Foods that will combat bloating, boost her mood and don’t give her period pimples

  • For starters, stay away from fast food restaurants that specialize in deep fried foods. While we may crave some french fries during that time of the month, that is a sure fire way to experience cramps and get period pimples.
  • Eat lots of greens during this week and stay away from gassy foods like broccoli. Celery is good to combat bloating and you can have it as a snack with peanut butter.
  • Bananas are truly the triple threat to PMS. They combat bloating, cramping AND help boost your mood! No one should be the wiser when it’s your time of the month.

Stay productive, stay positive, stay “So Happy” during your TOTM!®, because Oprah Winfrey never used a period as an excuse not to Boss up!

Val Carey Reaves-Bey