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Business is a Game of Chess

I remember when I first started in Business, I had these huge ideas and dreams that I will succeed within a year or two and suddenly I will be the most successful entrepreneur out there.

Unfortunately, I was completely wrong. Within the first year of my business, I did so many mistakes that I didn’t even think it could exist. I made money, lost much more than I made and I struggled a lot- financially, health wise and mentally. In fact, sometimes I blame my business for unlocking my autoimmune disease.

What was harder for me to get was not only that I wasn’t seeing the results straight away as I was imagining it, but also seeing everyone else who was the same time as me or even less than me in business doing great. This really crushed me.

I was thinking to myself, I am one of the most qualified and experienced sales trainers, I have worked with a number of companies and individuals who got awesome results, but yet I literally struggle to make my business work. I was comparing myself to everyone else and trust me the struggle was real. The number of times I just wanted to give up were so much that I stopped counting at the end. It did come a time where I said enough is enough and business shouldn’t be and can’t be so complicated.

Three things I decided to change and focus on and what got me on the way to a smashing success:

1. Train my mindset. I find people enter the business world with big goals and dreams, but they are mentally not ready and when the first disappointment comes they simply crush. Train your mindset daily, educate yourself and be prepared for a long, hard game.

2. Make strategic sales plan. The reality is that once you enter the business you are automatically a sales person so if there is a skill you really need to learn and train, this will be the sales skill. Always make strategic sales goals. Research and know your competition, better than they know themselves. Observe, study and be ready to action. Then sell, sell, sell!

3. Celebrate! And I mean always CELEBRATE! Celebrate every little win. You have to learn to give yourself credit and to find time to reflect on what you have achieved.

Business is like a game of chess. You observe, you study. You train your mind and patience then you announce CHECK MATE…

So what will you do to make sure you announce CHECKMATE?

Anna Yaramboykova – Co-Founder of International Women Connected