Career Goal

Discover the Deeper Meaning Behind Your Goals

Whether it’s getting a promotion at work, making a desired salary, or starting your own business, we create certain tangible goals based on the belief that they will produce certain feelings and emotions we want. 

Wanting to make a six-figure salary is a good example of a tangible goal; It is something specific that can be measured. Someone may want to make more money for the obvious reasons of financial freedom. However, the deeper feeling associated with this goal could be to feel more confident, successful, or free throughout one’s life. 

Creating goals are important, but tapping into thefeelingsthat you wish to attain from said goals are even more vital. This is a step that often gets missed. Realizing your deeper meaning is the true reason for why we create goals in the first place. Below is an exercise I use for clients who come to me with a tangible goal. This exercise allows you to go deep within to establish a stronger connection between your goal and yourself. 

  1. What is the goal that you wish to attain?
  2. Why do you want this goal? 
  3. What feelings do you believe accomplishing this goal will bring? (Ex: Greater confidence, a sense of fulfilment and importance in the world)
  4. In what way do you experience these feelings already?
  5. What other ways can you experience these feelings before you obtain this goal?
  6. Take your first step. What is the first tangible step, big or small, that you can take towards accomplishing your goal? 
  7. Set realistic deadlines. 
  8. Track and record progress.
  9. Repeat step 6, 7, and 8 daily.
  10. Let go and Trust

Once you can associate yourself with the feelings and outcome of your goal, you become on the same vibration and energy level as the goal itself, thus catapulting you much further along your goal journey than where you would normally be if you did not resonate with the end result. 

Written By: Lyndie Smith
Certified Holistic Life Coach