How to elevate your frequency instantly in these times of change

by Veronica Sanchez

Our planet is going through a massive transformation right now and learning how to elevate our frequency or vibration is a must.

I know these words might sound futile, however it is important to elevate our spirits above this climate of fear to a better state of mind and spirit. I will give you a few tips on how to elevate your frequency instantly.

Tip one: connect to your heart. Your heart is the place where the energy of love sits. Talk from your heart to the heart of others. Always use your mind in conjunction with your heart and you will achieve better understanding and communication with others and with your own self.

Tip two: writing is a great way of releasing anxiety and fear, then writing a journal is a good thing to do, specially because journaling, according to science, has several benefits like diminishing stress and improving mental health. 

Do this exercise: grab a paper and a pen and write 3 words that come to your mind, uplifting words, then create a mantra with those words. Repeat your mantra as many times as you can.

Tip three: control your attention. Where your attention goes, your energy flows, goes, stays and dwells. We are creators, then put your abilities and knowledge to work, write, paint, dance, watch movies, read a novel, chat with friends online, create something uplifting that you can share on the internet, etc. Do these activities from the heart, with purpose. 

Tip four: acknowledge your emotions about the current situation, then move on and focus on things that make you feel happy. We know that these are not happy times and that is exactly why it is good to elevate yourself from the current scenario and be proactive and creative, because when our spirits vibrate in high frequency we can affect the world around us in a beneficial way. When our frequency is high we become “radiant beings”, we radiate goodness and we impact the world in a constructive manner. 

Tip five: we are in this together and although we cannot be next to each other in a physical way, we are united in the invisible realms of consciousness and energy. Even in isolation we can be in unity, just look at what the Italians and Spaniards are doing, singing together from their balconies and patios, supporting each other from that apparent distance. Hearts are linked by the unseen laces of love. Be kind, because kindness takes you far and comes back to you. Reach out to family and friends, to those you have not seen or heard from for a while, ask them how they are going, offer your ears and listen, offer your words of comfort and encouragement. Together we are powerful! 

I wish you, dear reader, good health, a deeper connection with your loved ones and with your inner self, courage and determination to face what is coming and victory and love now and always.

Veronica Sanchez

Life and Spiritual Growth Mentor

Creator of Positive Habits: 21 Words That Transform Your Life Daily Online Course

Certified Instructor for the Cyclopea Method