Travel Like A Boss

Even In Coach – By Val Carey Reaves-Bey

Not everyone can afford to fly First or Business Class, but that doesn’t mean you not have first class treatment even if you’re on a budget.

Here are 3 ways to travel like boss even in main class seating.

Being First:

One of the perks of flying First Class is actually being first to board.  You have the luxury of boarding the plane before 85% of the plane.  But did you know that on some airlines, you can pay for priority seating?  Priority seating meaning, you get to board the plane just after First Class and prior to your designated group number even with your seat being in the main cabin.   

I advise if you can spare the few extra dollars for this perk, then do it.  Not only will you be one of the first to board the plane, but you will also have some peace of mind knowing the overhead room space will not run out before you get onboard.  And that designer luggage you’re carrying will be placed directIy over your head.

Now you’re settled in.


In First Class before take off you’re asked if you would like sparking water, champagne, or orange juice on most morning flights.  On evening flights you’re asked what cocktail would you like before take off.   If this is something you like, then you can bring your favorite beverage on board and have it prior to take off just as if you were in first class.  Be sure that your beverage of choice is a “nip” sized that fits in a quart sized bag.  That drink will be counted towards your allotted carry on liquid amount.

Depending on how long your flight is, pack yourself a first class kit comprised of a comfy pair of socks, an eye mask, some ear plugs, lip balm, your favorite scented lotion in a travel sized bottle, face wipes and as an extra pick me up some face mist.

Give yourself the hot towel treatment by carrying on board a white face cloth that you folded into a snack or sandwich sized ziplock bag.  Then ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water.  Pour the hot water into the bag, just enough to saturate the towel but not too much that it’s soaked.  And Voila!  You can now enjoy a fresh hot towel just like the ones they serve in first class but even better!


Boss Babes need room to stretch out and in coach the leg room is limited.  One way to get extra leg room is pay for seating with “extra” leg room.  Those seats are normally near the bulkhead of the plane and chances are, you will not have under the seat storage for your pocketbook and will have to stow it away overhead.  

Another way to get extra leg room in coach is to approach the desk and volunteer to be seated in the emergency exit row.   You must be willing to help others in the case of an emergency, but otherwise you will have more space to stretch your legs like a boss.