Under The Spotlight With Ania Karbowska

Business card:

Name – Ania Karbowska 

Nationality – Polish, British 

Occupation – Mind and Body coach 

Countries lived in – Poland, United Kingdom 

What is your business?

 I’m a personal trainer and NLP master practitioner.  

What is your mission? 

My mission is to empower women to thrive in life! To help them realize they have everything they need to live happy life. I want to show them how great our body is designed to feel and that is totally up to them how they feel every day.  

What is your personal story? 

I’m from Poland. I’m married, we have two furry kids – a dog named Happy and a cat- Adam.  I came to London in 2006. I decided to move to England when I couldn’t find a job in Poland as a teacher after finishing university. I worked as au – pair for the first 2 years. One of the first things I did after coming to London was joining a gym. I liked it so much that I’ve decided to become a gym instructor first and then personal trainer in 2008. I started online coaching in October 2019 not having a clue what was coming but at least I had everything set up and ready when the Covid – 19 has hit.  

 How did you decide to start working in this field?

 After I did the NLP course, I felt like I’ve found a missing link. I’ve decided to combine mindset and body coaching after seeing so many women struggling with their body image, yo – yo dieting, and emotional overeating. I’ve learnt that to make sustainable changes we can not only focus on the body; our mindset needs to follow or we will go back to the old patterns. I want to show my clients that when we love ourselves looking after our mind and body becomes natural.   

What is your greatest achievement in business so far?

 Finishing NLP master course.  Helping so many people and finding my true purpose in coaching.

What inspires you? 


What do you find most challenging in your work?

 I get excited very easily and want to be part of everything. Then I sometimes end up with too much stuff to do, too many project got involved with and then I need to stop and prioritize 😊 

How do you keep your work-life balance? 

At the beginning it was a pure madness, I must admit 😊 Luckily, I’ve learnt how to protect my energy. I joined a group coaching program last year, I’m doing another one now. I have my rituals – exercises, meditation, journaling, reading or doing other things that relax my body and brain – e.g. hot bath with candles and Palo Santo. I spent evenings and weekends with my husband – we play board games, go for walks with Happy, exercise together or just enjoy being together. 

Who do you prefer working with: males or females and why?

 I prefer working with females because I know our body better, I understand our struggles and excuses ( I used them all at some point 😉) But I have male clients too. 

Who is your best client – a short description so IWC members can relate?

 My best client is a woman who has decided to become the best version of herself, who understands that what she does, eats, drinks and feeds her mind with, has a huge impact on her performance at work and in her social life. She is ready to overcome her struggles, to dive deep and do the inner work to become as healthy and happy as she could be. She loves herself and wants to thrive in life.  

When would you suggest people should ask for your help? 

When they are tired of yo -yo dieting, emotional overeating and struggling with weight loss. When they’re ready for a deep inner work and a total transformation. When they realize that body and mind work in synergy and want to optimize their mindset and physical health.  

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

 I’m still a coach, working together with different coaches, having clients from all around the world. I take part in retreats in fascinating places all over the world where we show people how to thrive in life.  

Do you think having a social network only for women is a good idea? Why?

I think it’s a great idea. Having a place where women support each other helps other women believing in themselves. It’s very inspiring to see how far other women have come.  

How IWC members can get in contact with you?

Instagram: @aniapt