Under The Spotlight with Anna Cortesi

Business card :

Name – Anna Cortesi

Nationality – Cyprus

Occupation – FOUNDER of Healthy Woman Club, Lifestyle Health and Nutrition Coach, Healthy Food Blogger

Countries lived in – United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus 

Came to London – 2 yrs ago

1. How your expertise is different than the other experts in this field and why IWC members should turn to your services?

After many years of running various businesses in health and wellness, eg.Nutrition Company, Health Supplements, Books and Ebooks, Meal Delivery Subscriptions, Nutrition Coaching Programs, Corporate Health Trainings and much more, I realized that my true life’s purpose was not just to help women thrive with their body and health, but also help women entrepreneurs working in the Health and Wellness Industry succeed in whatever they do! 

2. Describe your hardest type of clients and how do you deal with their cases? Which part of the course is the most difficult one?

Clients who are not serious about changing their lifestyle to see results in their business and clients who are stubborn to their negative beliefs.

3. How long you have been in this business for?

I have been in the Health and Wellness industry for the last 10 years. 

​4. How your international experience has helped you to master your craft?

I’ve been trained and coached by internationally recognized experts and I have completed several programs in health, wellness, nutrition and more, obtaining international degrees and diplomas in what I do. With two University degrees and one master’s degree, I would still have nothing if I did not gain all this experience by running and managing real life businesses.  

5. Who is your best client – a short describtion so IWC members can relate?

My best clients are women who really know what they want. Women who are mentally ready to be mentored and do realize the benefits that mentorship by someone who have been in their shoes can give to their business and overall life. 

6. Do you organise events and where can IWC members meet you in person?

Once a month, I organize a Healthy Woman Club meeting somewhere in the world. Ladies can learn more on

To read more about my Lifestyle Nutrition Business, you can find me on social media as Anna Cortesi – The Balanced Life – Website:

7. Are you specializing in working with females only and if yes – why? Do you have special programs for only ladies?

I choose to only work with women because I can totally relate to my clients and they can relate to me from a physical and psychological perspective of how women see both their health, body and business differently to men. 

8. What advise would you give to people who are dealing with health issues because of a wrong diet?

I would advise them to visit a professional and just discuss their personal health and nutrition needs. I would also suggest that whatever they choose to do, to keep it simple. A plain, realistic approach to every day wellness can really obtain sustainable results. 

9. Describe your vision of a successful woman?

There is no such thing as success. I believe success can be found on small wins on a daily basis in our life. A successful woman can be a woman who owns a business but finds happiness in spending time with her family. Success is quite different to everyone. 

10. How do you like to start your day?

I always start my day with a 5 minute meditation in bed. Then I try to exercise and have a complex carbohydrate with mixed protein for breakfast. 

11. What would you wish International Women Connected platform?

I wish them all the best and to continue inspiring women to achieve whatever they wish in both business and personal life. These two are always connected. 

12. How IWC members can get in contact with you? (Contact details):