Under the Spotlight with Carole McDougall

Business card: 

Name – Carole McDougall

Nationality – British

Occupation – Entrepreneur 

Countries lived in –  Scotland, UK. 

Hello Carole, can you please tell us more about your business?

I have businesses in Network Marketing with a company called Arbonne which is in the health and well being industry and I have a property portfolio.  I am also trained in coaching and hypnotherapy and love helping people achieve their true potential.    

What is your personal story?

I have been married to Scott for more than 35 years and have two grown up children and we live in St Andrews in Scotland but originally from Glasgow. 

10 years ago I was a paid employee working for a chartered surveyor and my husband worked off shore with an oil and gas company. We were comfortably well off and had a great life. 

My husband at the time was our main income earner. 

With me being made redundant from a job that I’d been in for many many years, it really made me think about where we would be with our savings, and I thought, what savings, because everything that we earned, we spent either doing up our house or going on holidays or buying cars, and basically enjoying ourselves. So we didn’t have anything to fall back on. 

My husband and I bought our first home in 1985. I was 21 years old. And we bought a fabulous house, which we lived in up until 2 years ago. I remember feeling so excited being so young and owning my own house. The interest rates on our mortgage was 16% which in this day and age in the UK is just ridiculously high. 

Almost 20 years later I decided to buy our first investment property. Over the years I witnessed how much property had increased and the interest rates had dropped so I thought it was a great idea. 

I have a wealth of knowledge around property investment.  I have bought, sold, done up, rented and now Airbnb.   I also run a network marketing company in health and well-being.  

How did you decide to start working as a property manager ? 

I realised property was a great market to be in as you can earn in so many ways.  After buying my home in 1985 and seeing how much it had gained in value but also because interest rates had become very low.  It just made sense.  

What is your greatest achievement in business so far? 

My greatest achievement so far is becoming financially free and enabling my husband to retire and play golf.    

Tell us more about your mission?

I want to show and educate others on multiple income streams.  Relying on only one income in this day and age is madness.   

What do you find most challenging in your work? 

I find marketing myself is my biggest challenge and something I have worked a lot on and still working on.  I am an introvert and putting myself out there has had its challenges over the years.   I no longer worry what people think of me but I use to.  

What is the most common problem you help your clients solve? 

Lack of belief in themselves.  

Who do you prefer working with males or females and why? 

I have no preference whether it is a man or woman,  I like the diversity.  

Who is your best client – a short description so IWC members can relate? 

My best client is someone like me.  Someone who realises that they have so much more they can do for themselves and for others.  Someone who loves a challenge, is willing to change, learn and grow and also someone who isn’t afraid of making mistakes.   

What is your vision and your biggest WHY?

My Why is I want to make a difference not only in my own life but in others.   I want to help 1000’s of people achieve financial security and freedom.  It’s not about the money but what the money can do.   

How IWC members can get in contact with you?



Telephone: +447876756965