Under The Spotlight with Geraldine Crane

Business card: 

Name – Geraldine Crane

Nationality – British

Occupation – Spiritual Hypnotherapist and Coach

Countries lived in – England

Hello Geraldine, nice to have you with us! Please tell us more about S.E.R.E.N.E and what is a Serene, Spiritual Empowerment Guide?

Serene Spiritual Empowerment Guide is a title I created to encapsulate the unique way I work with highly sensitive businesswomen, to reconnect with their inner power through Serene Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Coaching. 

Most of the women I work with feel lost, anxious and drained. They feel a toxic person or situation has robbed them of their inner power and their trust in themselves. I help them to realise that they have not lost their power, but simply become disconnected from it. So, using Serene Spiritual Hypnotherapy, I guide them to release any self-limiting beliefs and remove any blocks they may have to loving and trusting in themselves, whilst also guiding them to meet their spirit guides and to reconnect with their own inner knowing and their inner power. With the Serene Spiritual Coaching I guide them to explore various spiritual principles, which will enable them to take back control of their experience of life. The end result being, increased feelings of peace, calm, joy and trust in their own magnificence.

S.E.R.E.N.E is the model I developed for my one to one ‘Serene Empowerment Programme’. It brings together all I have learned professionally, personally and spiritually on my own journey to truly loving and trusting in myself. 

S.E.R.E.N.E stands for 

Stillness – exploring ways we can still our minds (or at least slow them down), reducing anxiety and overthinking. We also explore the understanding that we are living in the experience of our thoughts, giving us the power to change our experience of life.

Emotions – Exploring how we can work with our emotions rather than resisting them, using the power of emotions to guide you and connect you with your inner knowing. I love giving people a safe space to explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgment. 

Reconnection – Exploring the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and how we can reconnect to our own divine inner wisdom, bringing clarity and a sense of peace.  Then using Serene Spiritual Hypnotherapy to connect with that inner knowing, whilst also enabling us to connect with our spirit guides, angels and passed loved ones, so we may feel their unconditional love, support and guidance.

Energy – Exploring how we can start protecting our own energy and prioritise our self-care, the aim being to take care of ourselves and our businesses, whilst remaining sensitive and heart centred. We also explore the idea that we are vibrational beings and gain clarity when we lift our vibration, making decisions through a lens of love rather than fear.

Now – Exploring the ‘Power of Now’ and how being in the present moment can help reduce any feelings of exhaustion and being overwhelmed.

Empowerment – Using Serene Spiritual Hypnotherapy to let go of any beliefs that are holding us back, to let go of any guilt or shame, and start realising our true worth. Empowering us to no longer attach our joy or peace to other people’s opinions of us and start standing in our power. 

How did you decide to develop this kind of coaching for women?

It wasn’t really a decision. My coaching and my hypnotherapy has evolved over time. But on reflection, I can see that my main driver has always been to help those who have been through similar experiences to me and because of that, struggle with anxiety as they carry guilt, shame and feeling of responsibility for others, that do not belong to them. Which is quite frankly exhausting. I have always wanted to help these women (and it usually is women), to release them of their guilt and shame, and help them realise how strong and how amazing they are.

My way of working, using ‘Serene Spiritual’ Hypnotherapy and coaching, is an amalgamation of all that I have learned and used in my own healing journey. At first, I kept my work very clinical, using the skills I’d gained as a Probation Officer, drugs worker and as a domestic abuse recovery worker, alongside the hypnotherapy I had just trained in. Initially, I didn’t dare bring in my spiritual side, for fear of judgement and rejection.  But then came the pandemic, and we had to go into lockdown. I decided to let my business go quiet and to focus on my children instead, but I knew if I was going to keep them happy and well, I needed to keep myself happy and well.  And so, I gave myself 2 hours a day to meditate, to read, to journal and to do card readings for myself.  

I started receiving messages of reassurance from spirit and so started to share them online, to reassure others. I got a beautiful response. I also started using self-hypnosis and mediumship to work with my spirit guides, to help me heal my inner child. 

During lockdown, I was also guided to connect with a ‘Three Principles’ Transformational Coach who helped me to understand that I was living in the experience of my thoughts and not my circumstances, which had a profound impact on me, as this understanding helped me to manage the anxiety I had struggled with most of my life. This started me on a path of deeper spiritual exploration. I started reading and exploring different spiritual teachings, which brought me great peace, calm and joy. 

Hence, once I returned to my work, I could no longer work clinically. I wanted to bring the women I was working with all the spiritual understanding and connection that had had such a positive impact on my life and well-being. The results have been amazing. Seeing women who come to me, with low self-worth, guilt and shame, start to stand up tall, to realize their own strength and to connect with their inner wisdom, is a wonderful experience I feel very blessed to be part of.

In your bio you talk about losses and emotional abuse you had experienced? How did you manage to rebuild yourself up and move on?

Whilst working as a Domestic Abuse Recovery Worker, part of my work with the victims was to help the women to understand the variety and the extent of the abuse they had experienced; to help them better understand why they felt so terrible and why they were struggling to recover. Whilst doing this work, I started to recognise a lot of the abuses in my relationship with my mum. I recognised that I had been isolated from members of my family including my father, as my mother had turned me against them. I recognized that I’d been emotionally abused through manipulation and emotional blackmailing, being made to believe that I was responsible for my mother’s wellbeing and happiness. I recognised that I had been made to view myself in a way that wasn’t true. 

For years I tried putting boundaries in place, as I wanted her in my life, but they were met with anger and a total disregard for my feelings and my wellbeing.  Hence, I finally came to realize that if I was ever going to heal, if I was ever going to be the mother I wanted to be to my children, I could not have her in my life. All my life I’d struggled with crippling anxiety, I had started to lose my temper with my children and wasn’t being the mum I knew I could be. I knew I needed to heal, and I had no choice but to cut her out of my life. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. 

After cutting her out I went through a huge rollercoaster of emotions bouncing between relief and guilt, between joy and grief, anger and shame. The grief has been one of the hardest emotions to deal with, as there were parts of my mum I loved very much and still miss to this day, but I had to do what was right for me and for my family. 

My first step in my recovery was to work with my counsellor to let go of the guilt and the shame. I had been working with this counsellor on an off for a few years. She had been key in helping me realise how toxic the relationship had been for me and helping me to realise who I really was. In fact, it was this counsellor who was the first person to give me permission to think about a life without my mum in it. In the months after the estrangement, she helped me to consciously process all that had happened and to help me see that I was a good person, who had to make a difficult choice.

Once I was feeling stronger I went to train as a hypnotherapist and through the hypnotherapy, I started to let go of the fear of seeing my mum or any retribution from her.  Then through lockdown, I had the time and space to go inward and start doing some deep self-healing as mentioned above. I used self-hypnosis and the support of my guides to start healing my inner child, giving her the unconditional love and safety, she craved.  

Through the work with a ‘3 principles’ Transformational Coach, I started to truly understand how I could change my whole experience of life and stop fighting against my own thoughts and feelings. This resulted in a massive decrease in my anxiety as my mind started to quieten. I then deepened this healing and learning, through exploring other spiritual teachings from people like Dr Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Anita Moorjani and many, many more. All helped me to deepen my connection with my inner knowing/wisdom and deepen my faith in myself and a loving universe which has my back.

I am actually in the process of writing a book about my journey, in the hope of helping others to realise they are not alone and that they can let go of their shame and start leading the life they want without guilt, knowing they too are an amazing, powerful being.

Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur? 

Interesting question and not something I had thought about previously. According to the dictionary an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business, taking on the financial risks alone, in the hope of making a profit. Well, I set up this business alone and only share the risks with my husband (who has been very supportive), and I do hope to make a profit as my aim is to make enough money to free my husband from the pressure of being the main bread winner and to be able to provide the care my daughter needs, for the rest of her life. You see, my daughter is autistic and has learning disabilities which means she may never be able to live independently. So, I want to make sure we can afford to support her and give her the most independent, comfortable life possible. So yes, I am taking risks and I do want to make money, so I am technically a entrepreneur. I also think of entrepreneurs as people with new and fresh ideas and I believe the Serene Spiritual forms of hypnotherapy and coaching I have developed are quite unique and I am constantly developing new ways of working. So in that respect I believe I am an entrepreneur. 

Tell us more about your mission and your vision?

It’s my mission to help sensitive souls, stop apologising for their sensitivity and realise what a superpower it really is. To help them to regain their self-worth and use their sensitivity to connect with their own inner wisdom and the guidance and love of their spirit guides, so they can realise how magnificent they truly are. 

Once people who are heart centred and sensitive realise their worth and feel their power, they can bring incredible positive energy to the world, and we certainly need them right now. 

I also want to help as many people as possible to realise that they are so much more than just a human body and mind, that they are a divine being connected to a loving divine intelligence that runs through everything. The energy that tells the birds when to fly south, the flowers when to bloom and the tides when to change, runs through us too, and when we allow our minds to quieten and be still, we can connect to it and gain access to a deep wisdom. This realization can change your whole experience of life and brings great beauty, compassion, peace and joy. That’s what I want for other people.

What is the most common problem you help your clients solve? 

The most common problem my clients come to me with is a lack of faith in themselves, anxiety and a loss of direction. As most have been in some form of toxic relationship, it may have been a partner, friend, parent or even a boss or school bully, they are believing things about themselves that aren’t true. They may believe they are worth less, or stupid or selfish. They have become disconnected from their true self and their inner power as they struggle to like themselves, never mind love themselves. They have lost trust in their own judgment and constantly question their own decisions, opinions, thoughts and even their own feelings. Hence, running their business becomes a constant battle with themselves and many are exhausted and ready to give up. 

What are the teachers you had and what books and authors helped you build your coaching program?

I think all my professional, personal and spiritual experiences have influenced the way I work. I feel like everything I have been through has been training me for this job. My hypnotherapy course with Evolve school of Clinical Hypnotherapy, also gave me a great starting point for my business, encouraging me to always work with the clients at the centre of everything I do. But if I were to pinpoint certain spiritual teachers and authors that have heavily influenced my work I would have to say the following people.

Syd Banks and his 3 Principles – I came to these teachings through Michael Neil’s book ‘The Inside Out Understanding’. I have to give full credit to my previous Transformational Coach, Peter Sleigh, who introduced me to this book and the three principles, which helped me to see that I am living in the experience of my thoughts and not my circumstances, and so I have the power to change my whole experience of life.

Dr Wayne Dyer  – He wrote many books and gave many talks and I could not identify one in particular, but his spiritual teachings are based on kindness, compassion, and service. His favourite phrase was ‘change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’ and I have certainly found this to be true.

Anita Moorjani – In her first book Dying to be Me, she speaks of her near death experience and all she learnt when she passed over, also about her healing from cancer as she let go of fear. This book had a profound impact on me, as it confirmed many of my spiritual experiences and also helped me to understand the importance of self-love. 

I could go on, as I also love Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’, Michael Singers ‘The Untethered Soul’ and love to hear Abraham speak through Esther Hicks on her many You tube videos, as all these teachings help us to understand that we are so much more than our body and mind, and how we can start creating a more peaceful, happy life.  

Who is your best client – a short description so IWC members can relate?

My ideal client is very familiar, as it is basically me a few years ago. My ideal client is a 40 something professional woman, who battles with anxiety, low self-worth and has little faith in themselves. 

My ideal client will have their own business or be just setting one up, but keeps coming up against blocks, usually created by their lack of trust in their own abilities or a fear of being seen. 

My ideal client has children and is doing their best to break a cycle of poor parenting they received. They care deeply about their children and would do anything for them, because their own mother was not able to do that for them. It is likely that the mother was emotionally abusive or neglectful due to their own narcissistic, mental health or emotional issues, which they have felt unable or unwilling to address. 

My ideal client has an interest in spirituality and may have a meditation practice, but is eager to learn more and to gain a greater connection to their spirit guides.

My ideal client has sought help before, through counselling and medication but nothing has really helped in the long term, but wants to heal and believe that a more holistic approach may work for them.

Do you think having a social network only for women is a good idea? Why?

I believe having a social network, only for women, is incredibly important. 

As women in business we face very different issues and often want to work in a different ways, that work around our families or wish to work in a more feminine, heart-centered way. The business world has been very male dominated and can use very masculine models, but it’s time to bring in some much-needed feminine energy.

I believe women need space where they feel safe to share their experiences and gain support from those who have been there, who understand and can offer good advice. When women support women, amazing things happen.

You talk a lot about spiritual guidance, what exactly does this mean and can everyone benefit from it? What knowledge one needs to have to be able to join your program for spiritual guiding?

What spiritual guidance is, is actually not an easy question to answer, as whole books are filled with answering this question, but I will attempt to answer it very briefly from my own understanding.

Spiritual guidance is a term often used to describe when you feel guidance from an energy beyond yourself. You may feel you have had guidance from nature, god, the universe or just feeling inspired or following your gut instinct. For me it is when I feel I have had guidance from my own team of spirit guides, angels, or passed loved ones. Through meditation and mediumship, I feel the presence of spirit guides around me. I feel their love and may receive images or phases in my mind through which I get insights and guidance. I can usually tell when I am getting spiritual guidance as it brings feelings of peace, love and calm. I do believe everyone would benefit from connecting with spiritual guidance in whichever way feels good to them, as it can help you build resilience and faith in yourself. Also, I have found that feeling the unconditional love of my guides has meant that I feel more at peace with myself, and I am more able to be kind to myself.

No previous spiritual experience or knowledge is needed to go through the Serene Empowerment Programme, just an interest in spirituality, an open mind, a belief that you can heal and a readiness to do the inner work. 

What do you wish people to remember you for?

I would love to be remembered for helping others to love themselves, for being someone who encouraged kindness and compassion in the world. 

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