Under The Spotlight with Laura O’Keeffe

Business card:

Name – Laura O’Keeffe

Nationality – Irish

Occupation – Life and Business Coach and Trainer, College Lecturer and Assesor, Beauty and Holistic Therapist onboard Superyachts

Countries lived in – Ireland, UK and Australia

What is LIFEFORCE Healing?                                                                         

Lifeforce Healing is a tried and tested, step by step, integrated healing modality that can help you to heal at any point in your life from any level trauma, leading to you a point of self-actualisation at which point you can live the life that you truly want.  

Why did you decide to start working in the field of beauty and healing? 

I remember when I was four years old being asked what I would like to be when I grew up, my answer was always the same, a Doctor or a Teacher. I have always wanted to Heal and Teach people and now I am at the point in my life where I am bringing my Healing and Teaching experiences together.  

How long have you been working as a beauty and holistic therapist and why IWC members should turn to your services?                                                     

I have been working as a Beauty and Holistic Therapist with over 13 years in high end Spas on land, 6 Star Cruise Ships, the privately owned ship ‘The World’ and privately owned Superyachts. I have also been in Management both on land and at sea and I am also a qualified Teacher and Assessor in Beauty, Holistic Therapies and Anatomy and Physiology and I Lectured in award winning colleges in Ireland and the UK. I keep on top of my Continued Professional Development, for example I am currently studying to become a qualified Emotion Code Practitioner, Emotion Code is a form of Kinesiology. I have also completed some consultancy work, including that for a Spa on a private retreat island in the Whitsundays in Australia. I am lucky enough to have travelled a lot of the world (77 countries and counting) giving me a great metaphorical birds-eye view of the spectrum of emotions that we face as humans, how we are all connected, how we love, how we hurt, and how we heal! I have, quite literally, the world of experience to share with my clients!

What is your experience and how the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs has shaped your brand?                                                                                                                             I will be basing my integrated healing system ‘Lifeforce Healing’ on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

A while back now I took about four months out of the rat race to basically ‘unfeck’ myself from the stresses of life so that I could completely focus on what I really wanted in life. In one way this is very much like what the whole world is doing right now so I feel my story will resonate with most of you at this present time.

I practiced every kind of a self-love that I thought this would boost my mind body and soul energy, including Kinesiology, Talk Therapy, other energy healings including Crystal Healing, Yoga, meditation, gratitude journaling, I focused on my nutrition, I used CBD oil, Sound Healing, Art Therapy and Aromatherapy, plus I had Physical Therapy and Personal Training, you get the picture!

While growing through my own healing and self-development on a daily basis I was simultaneously creating a blueprint for my own future business.

After about three months I realised that everything that I was planning to be part of my business was basically what I had been doing on myself over those months.

And on looking back I realised that I’d got myself from a place of feeling that life had totally messed me and had left me with a lack of motivation to say the least, back to that place of bouncing out of bed in the morning excited for what the day was going to bring! I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t realised earlier that I was living my business plan. But I am glad that I didn’t realise that because my healing happened authentically, and this is how I know I can help others to do it too!

Then I needed a format. I’d always known about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and around this time I found that it kept popping up everywhere and the theory of it really resonated with me. The idea is that until you sort out your base level of needs you’re not in a prime position to master the next level and so on and so forth. So I decided that this may well be my base. And so what I did was divide each step of the hierarchy into three sections, Mind, Body and Soul and I filled each section with its appropriate Healing/Therapy/Practice, et voilà; LIFEFORCE HEALING had begun. What’s beautiful about this format is that everybody will have their specific needs met, some may be able to literally ‘tick the box’ in some sections and jump straight to where they need to be, others may have been struggling in their lives to perfect the higher levels but not getting anywhere because they haven’t yet secured the base levels. Within that LIFEFORCE HEALING will allow everybody to address what they need to address.

It took a bit more shape last Summer, when some of the family that owned the Superyacht that I was working on asked me to lead them through a retreat based on LIFEFORCE and I realised that people of all socioeconomic backgrounds need healing and so I feel this will be my contribution to helping the world to heal!

What is it like to travel the world by sea, onboard Superyachts?                           

    I love it, I love being at sea, I loved being in a different country every day that I woke up and I loved living with over 40 different nationalities as well as guests from all walks of life, the stories are endless. All the ‘ups’ are heightened but so are the ‘downs’. Everything is intensified because it is a condensed atmosphere. It is a paradox in that I have the world in the palms of my hands but also have to live a disciplined military-like lifestyle onboard. And I wouldn’t change a thing, it has taught me a lot so much about myself and about life.

Are you specializing in working with females only and if yes – why? Do you have special programs for only ladies?                                                             

My programme is for everybody! However, I have decided to start with helping millennial business women, purely because this is my own profile and I think it is best to start off with the people that I will naturally connect with easily before I grow business further.

How would you describe an inspirational woman?                                               

A woman who is brave enough to dig deep to heal her trauma, so that she can live her true life path, and a woman that does so not void of fear but despite it!

What does your typical day look like?                                                                           

It depends whether I am at home or at sea, but one thing I aim to keep consistent is a morning ritual (meditation, Yoga, stretch and breathing and exercise) and evening ritual (planning the next day, gratitude journaling and reading from my seemingly ever growing booklist). I also keep a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly and a five yearly plan in a living document, this helps me to organize myself whether I am working a 13 hour day onboard, or I have a week off to do admin in the Caribbean or if I am at home spending time with family and friends. Regardless of which situation I am in I make sure that each day I live brings me one step closer to the life that I want!

You have been working as a Senior Therapist at one of the most luxurious Facial clinic at Bondi beach, Australia. What was the common need of your clients there?                                                                                                                

Yes, indeed. The Facial Room was a very high end Facial Clinic where I worked at a period in my career where I specialized in Cosmeceutical Facials. I studied at our product line’s academy in Sydney. There I got to learn more about how these results driven facials made such a difference to my clients skin. My clientele were an older demographic, with sun damage and photo ageing being their primary concerns. We were able to give them results that they desired, which was immensely satisfying as a Therapist. This is a time in my life when I was focused more on the Beauty aspect of my profession, but I have learned through my own experience and seeing the effects of results in my clients, that Beauty is a very broad term and is heavily linked to well-being, and so I am very grateful for this part of my career.

How do you manage work/life balance?                                                                

Put simply, I have learned that one must love everything that they do in their life, be that who they spend time with or what they work at. In that, you will naturally want to attribute time to everything, and everyone, in your life and it should happen authentically. Your body will tell you if you are not!

Who is your biggest supporter in business and life?                                                    

I am lucky enough to say that I have an amazing support system of genuine and loving family members, friends and mentors. And that makes all the difference. I hope that they feel the same support back from me. 

How does the current situation with the world pandemic affect your business? Can you advice our readers on how to take care of themselves daily at home, in 3 easy steps?                                                                                                       

I had just flown home to Ireland from a yacht to take some vacation time when the world situation began to heighten. As I am at the stage of starting my business I find that the current world situation has actually served me, in that I have the time to complete all the admin needed to start my business a year earlier than I expected to get around to it, plus, my followers and potential clients have more free time to see what I am about and how I can help them. Three easy steps I would suggest to people are:

1. Take this time to ask yourself; What do you truly want from life? And start taking steps towards those things!

2. Spend time with those that you love, from those that you live with to those that you can call/Facetime/go for social distanced walks with. Fill up on the love and forgive what needs to be forgiven.

3. Nourish yourself in whatever way you feel called to, like nutrition, cooking, dancing, exercise, reading, laughing. Let your mind body and soul tell you what they need! 

What is coming up next in terms of work? Where IWC members can get involved with you or meet you?                                                                                                                                      

I am currently waiting for the Mediterranean to open back up so that I can go back to sea. In the meantime I am continuing to complete my business start-up admin. This includes writing an accredited course based on my Lifeforce Healing modality. I will be providing this course to organizations, educational institutions and businesses as part of their wellness programmes. I aim to hang up my sailing boots next year when I will take Lifeforce Healing to its next level which will be one to one healing programmes both online and in a healing room in my hometown.              

How IWC members can get in contact with you?

Facebook: @lifeforcehealing                                                                                                                Instagram: Irishveda_lifeforcehealing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        LinkedIn: Laura O’Keeffe