Under The Spotlight with Pauline P Sawaya

Business card:  

Name – Pauline P Sawaya 

Nationality – Lebanese & Cypriot

Occupation – Founder & MD Swift Shift Coaching & Consultancy LTD, MD of Noble Manhattan Coaching (Levant, Cyprus & Egypt) ; Master Coach, Master NLP, Mentor Coach, Transformational trainer & firewalker, laughter yoga leader. 

Countries lived in – Lebanon, Kuwait , Cyprus,  

Who are you? 

I am the Passionate woman entrepreneur, who believes that everyone has a voice for a Purpose, is driven by his/her values, behaves out of their beliefs, and the key is to align the three so that the Passionate Spark shines always.  

What is your personal story?

 I come from a normal middle class family a Lebanese dad and  Cypriot mom , have one sister. I have lived most of my life in Lebanon and travelled around the world for business and leisure.  I have always been part of scouts, Red cross … and , I started working really early when I was 14 during summer holidays in Cyprus. I have always known that one day I would run my own business, however at that young age I haven’t cleared why, what and how yet. 

So I studied business, then I graduated an MBA and started my career as an assistant. Later I became a HR person and  moved up the ladder in a men’s world. I had hard times as some of my co workers were trying to pull me down and undermining my capabilities, not only men, in fact some women were not as supportive either.  I held strategic and very senior positions in the oil & gas industry, telecom, FMCG , Online Intelligence. I moved from Head of HR for multinational companies to the position of General Manager. I have worked in several parts of the Middle East across different industries and cultures.

After getting my amazing career I got married and my son was born. Later on I had to struggle again, this time for personal reasons and I had to go through the hard process of my divorce. Luckily I had my support system, and the Coaching that I was studying at that time, made my journey easier. 

I had to juggle my life, maintaining several hats at the same time, my career and reputation and my only little toddler at that time, it was a difficult journey but worth every second. 

After 25 years in the corporate world I decided to make the leap and open my Coaching, Consultancy, Capacity building boutique and to purchase the franchise of Noble Manhattan Coaching ( ranked first in the world ). I managed to raise the bar of coaching in the region and 2 years later I was able to start building a big community of coaches, I started connecting strategic alliances with change makers. I have created a thriving business which is still scaling. 

 How did you decide to start working as a personal development coach ? 

Having an HR background and driven by my passion to impact lives, I always loved to see people excel and reach their goals. As a manager and leader I always nurtured this in my teams and I saw that impacting lives and making a difference is something that brings me joy & fulfillment.    During my divorce one of the things that helped me the most was that I was studying Coaching and it was a blessing. This is how I experienced the power of Coaching and wanted people to benefit from it as well.  

 I am a life long learner and experienced self development trainer. Knowing how to script your PD plan will get you to places you never thought you would ever go. 

What is your greatest achievement in business so far? 

Being able to build strong community of change makers , as well as juggling with being a single mom and a successful entrepreneur. Building a business from scratch and winning several awards, the latter being the most influential women in the Corporate Coaching Lebanon 2020 and now after the big explosion in Lebanon being able to reboot again and have the GRIT to breakthrough is something I am super proud of. 

What is your mission? 

Changing lives – one person at a time , empowering women to have a voice.   Those ladies need to believe that they are real BOSS WOMEN = Bold, Authentic, Strong and Empowered.  I thrive to enable businesses and their teams to get unstuck; I want to keep on being a Mentor and to cheerfully coach individuals to find and light their spark again.  

What do you find most challenging in your work?  

The biggest challenge and blessing at the same time was first my country where you can build beautiful successes and then everything you build can vanish in a second and another challenge is sometimes managing the energy around and the sufferings you see around.

Who do you prefer working with males or females and why?

 There is no difference in my opinion, I love to work with people who are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed, who want to take massive action and make their dreams a reality.

Who is your best client – a short description so IWC members can relate?  

Successful women who want to Swift Shift at all levels , to  own their power and voice and tap into their unlimited potential through Coaching, NLP, mentoring and masterminds. 

What is your vision for your professional future?  

My vision is to become a worldwide change maker, creating more opportunities/businesses that will help others and myself grow exponentially in an authentic, fun way that unleashes more freedom. 

Also work with the future leaders – the youth- to equip them with the skills that no school teaches them. 

Do you think having a social network only for women is a good idea? Why?

 Oh yes, I do believe that empowered women enable other women and together we can do more. What matters is the mindset, shifting to the abundance mindset of each is unique and there is enough for everyone and by those amazing networks we will swiftly shift to that. 

How do you usually like to recharge?

 Sea is my therapy, hanging out with fun friends, having an interesting meaningful conversation and mostly a hug from my son and nephews.

How IWC members can get in contact with you?