Under The Spotlight with Sara Evans

Business card :

Name –  Sara Evans

Nationality –  American

Occupation – Spiritual mindset Coach

What is a true psychic?

A true psychic is a person who can tell you things about yourself without knowing anything about you. A true psychic also doesn’t need to ask questions to see what they need to see and the client doesn’t have to tell them a single word. With a true psychic, the experience becomes spiritual and special between both people during the process and can shed light on many aspects of the client’slife that they may not be aware of. In many ways, it can become an awakening which can lead to them taking action and address their pain points and lead them on a path to fulfilment and happiness.

Why did you decide to start tarot cards readings and spiritual guidance? How long have you worked in this field?

This is a gift that all women in my family have, so it didn’t feel like a choice; I simply embraced whathas always been at the core of my family and being. Because of this deep connection to spiritual guidance, I’m very proud of what I do and the clients I help. Over the years, I have practiced many different types of divination techniques, but what spoke to me the most were tarot cards. Through tarot cards, I receive clearer messages and answers which means barriers for clients I’m givingreadings to fall away, which reveals a raw honesty that they awake to. Without knowing what the problem is, and there are many clients that have come to me with something nagging them theycan’t see or understand, then there is no hope for the healing process to begin.

How is your work different than other experts in this field and why should IWC members choose your services?

Without knowing what the problem is, you can’t begin the process of healing – it’s as simple as that. While I am fortunate that spiritual guidance runs in my family and that generational experience and knowledge is invaluable, I have forged my own path through many years of readings and has given me the ability to understand the deeper meaning of the messages I receive. That helps me put my clients at ease and enables a connection to be forged. It’s through that connection that enables meto help clients in an honest and direct way; clients that often come to me lost and confused. With my readings, I’m able to see their past and how they got to where they are. I can also see into their future and see what is in store for them. This can be life changing for many people, especially theprocess of delving into the past. Many clients can’t move forward without knowing why certainthings happened to them and how those experiences shaped them. Once they understand their past, we can look to the future and my experience as a psychic helps them understand what they need to do in the present moment, to achieve the best possible future.

If someone is curious about their future, but not necessarily seeking specific answers, can they still turn to your readings?

Absolutely, yes. There is a lot that can be gained from a tarot reading. The best way to approach your first tarot reading is with curiosity. When you allow the tarot to tell you what it wants to, without expectations, you often get the most out of it. By being curious and asking questions with an open mind, you will get most out of the process and you will be surprised the impact it will have, especially on a deeper level, than you might not originally have intended to happen.

What inspires you?

There is so much that inspires me. First and foremost my clients inspire me. Every reading is an experience and every experience is unique that brings a sense of fulfilment to, not only my clients, but to me. Communicating on a deep level with people from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds is a truly rewarding experience. And that’s an important point – that tarot reading is communication and some of the most honest form of communication there is. And it’s because of this honest communication that really motivates me to continue doing what I’m doing in helping people transform their lives for the better.

Do you specialize in working with females and, if so, why?

I work with anybody that wants to better themselves. But there is something very unique in working with women. I often develop a deep connection with women because many of the experiences they share with me, I identify myself with as a woman. Women tend to open up more emotionally during readings and tend to get most out of it as a result. Some men are often very analytical and it can be hard for them to truly open up, but that isn’t always the case.

How would you describe an inspirational woman?

Women have had a long and difficult journey to get to where we are today and achieve equality, but there is still a way to go. To me, an inspirational woman is one who embraces life and looks to improve the lives of others. Someone who is strong-minded, positive and focused but don’t shyaway from being honest with themselves, by taking responsibility for their life and actions.

Is there any difference between women, spiritually, who come from different backgrounds?

There is definitely a difference. Even though all women are essentially connected in many ways, every woman sees the world in a unique way and their spirituality can have different energy based on their culture, background, environment and beliefs.

Is there a way someone can learn how to be more aware of their spirit and use this in their everyday life?

Yes – through meditation and I can’t stress this point enough. You need to spend time with yourself, be alone, practice mindfulness and take care of your soul. If you can’t do that yet, then it is very important you learn to do it. We live in a busy world where we have seen a prolific rise of social media, but ironically people are less connected than ever before. Because of this busy world we live in, it may seem like a daunting task to quiet one’s mind and be alone, but it can be done. You decide each day how you want to live your life, you are in control, and you can choose to make time for yourself. Awakening your spirituality takes practice like anything else. It’s like going to the gym, that in the beginning it’s hard and we need time to learn and develop. But over time things start falling inplace and you start getting results you didn’t think were initially possible. Once you get into it and stick with it, you’ll soon find it will no longer take will power, but it becomes a more natural habit.Once you quiet your mind, you open yourself up to a clarity that isn’t otherwise possible.

How do you organise your working day?

I start my day with “me time” and this is something I highly recommend to my clients. I meditate, I exercise, I eat good food, and I awake. This recharges me so I can be at my best for what the day offers. I always make sure that I am in a good space when working with clients and to do this, I need my own time to start my working day.

Who is your biggest supporter in business and life?

My clients, for sure. They give me a positive energy that drives me to want to help more people.

What are some healthy ways to become more peaceful in yourself?

Surround yourself with positive people and people you admire and want to learn from. Watch inspirational videos and lectures, sign up for constructive seminars and workshops. By surrounding yourself with this, you’re more likely to be successful in being peaceful in yourself. As I mentionedabove, meditation is also very important to finding inner peace and it’s one of the best ways to connect with yourself. There is one tool that helps with this and it’s called the Law of Attraction –that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into one’s life. I stay away from sensationalist, negative news reports and violent movies. You need to feed your brain with positivity. It’s something I personally live by and something I encourage my clients to open themselves up to.

What is coming up next for you? Where can IWC members get involved with you and meet you?

I am currently organising a special manifestation course that will feature some of the top guest speakers in the field. It’s going to be very powerful and it’s called “Mindset for Manifesting in 21 Days”. Space is limited, but anyone is welcome to follow the course by simply following our daily Facebook posts – which you can find under ‘Psychic Readings by Sara’. This course is going to be life- changing.

What is your hope for readers of International Women Connected?

I wish abundance and prosperity. I think what you’re doing is amazing and the value you add towomen’s lives is unbelievable. The platform gives us a space where we, as members, can meet and connect with other women from all over the world. I am planning to go to Istanbul soon and it’s onthe top of my priorities to get in touch with the IWC community there.


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