Under The Spotlight With Stanislava Pavlova

Business card: 

Name – Stanislava Pavlova

Nationality – Bulgarian

Occupation -Legacy Life Coach

Countries lived in – UK London

Who are you? – I am Stanislava Pavlova, purpose and legacy Life Coach. Founder and Host of Coaching Real – Broadcast your passion. Where is the oasis for spirituality  – the place that contributes to the good of at least one person every day.

What is your personal story?

I worked in the corporate world for over 9 years. I had a busy lifestyle, constantly communicating with various people, but mainly over the phone. You know, that’s pretty much the reality of an active sales manager in the airline industry. We had customers from all over the world. Always working to please someone else. My life was moving fast, and I was constantly preoccupied with my work, bits and pieces of my personal life, professional training so many other things to keep me active. Yet, something was missing. I could feel it but couldn’t define it. I just knew I wasn’t happy, there was no sense of fulfillment.

How did you decide to start working as a life coach? 

The day I got involved in a road accident was my eye-opener. It was shocking enough to make me see life from a different angle. It’s like someone slapped me really hard so I could wake up from my deep sleep. 

That’s also the period when I came across a really powerful book and its author, who is my inspiration till today “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” – Robin Sharma. Later, I read all of his books and none of them disappointed me. Another book that had a strong positive impact on me is “The Leader Without a Title”. That was actually the piece of literature that took me through my journey of change.  That’s how I decided to come to London and study Life Coaching 5 years ago. That was the true beginning of my journey from the corporate world to my personal development and growth. I went through various steps and stages from acceptance to spiritual growth, self-love and deep gratitude for everything I have and towards the people who stand by my side.  It wasn’t always easy. Quite the opposite, in fact. I never gave up despite the many hurdles on my way. I knew what I was aiming at and it kept me going. And I’m not talking about financial independency here. Yes, it is very important, but the true fulfilment comes when you see the results achieved by the people you’ve worked with.

What is your greatest achievement in business so far? 

My greatest achievement is when I see the results achieved by the people I’ve worked with.  I am always happy when they succeed, because if they are successful, that makes me successful too. That’s exactly why I am doing what I’m doing today.

What is your mission?

We build oasis, free area for soul – where you can meet the similar – searching people. Where to connect and hear with your own peace of mind and voice; where to attain holy self-knowledge without being judged by anyone. And only guided and supported!

What do you find most challenging in your work? 

The confidence in front of the camera. I am really shame and  Big introvert.

What is the most common problem you help your clients solve? 

To find the right audience and Be more visible on Digital world.

Who do you prefer working with males or females and why? 


 What is your vision about Coaching Real?

Our greatest goal is to leave a legacy to the people all over the World, a place where they can find their spiritual haven, their belonging and covenant of the Union.

How do you usually like to recharge. How do you achieve work-life balance? 

I love to travel around the world, but for now is just traveling to the nature, parks around London and listening to music.

How IWC members can get in contact with you?