Under the Spotlight with Veronica Sanchez

Business card :

Name – Veronica Sanchez

Nationality  – Chilean-Australian

Occupation – Life and Spiritual Growth Mentor. Certified Instructor for the Cyclopea Method. Creator of Positive Habits: 21 Words That Transform Your Life Daily Online Course. Teacher. Writer.

Countries lived in – Chile, USA, Australia, Sweden.

Came to London  – February 2020

1. What is Life and Spiritual growth mentor?

A Life and Spiritual Growth mentor provides tools for people to discover their spiritual self, to elevate their vibration, to adjust their creative patterns, to enhance their communication skills, therefore they can impact their environment in a positive way, creating a ripple effect of goodness.

2. What is your coaching about?

I take you on a journey of self discovery and transformation. You start by creating better ways of communicating with others around you and with yourself, then I show you how to apply a unique tool to know your current energetic state of being and creative patterns, then you learn how to correct those patterns and how to use the tools you have learned. I show you various exercises, meditations and activations that are going to help you to elevate your frequency instantly and to approach any situation from that high vibration, so whatever you do in your personal life and business life will be more impactful. 

3. How your work is different than the other professionals in your field?

I bring with me unique tools that are new to the English speaking world, like the Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland, a method created in South America 30 years ago by the beloved Latin spiritual leader Fresia Castro. I am the only instructor in the world teaching presenting this method in English, the only one authorised to do so by Fresia Castro herself and her organisation, because up until a few years ago it was only available in Spanish.

I am also the creator of Positive Habits: 21 Words That Transform Your Life Daily, an online course focused on the power of words and good communication habits. My book of the same name is going to be published on Amazon kindle very soon.

4. How fast a woman can change her daily habits?

Research shows that 21 days of repetition are needed to embody a new habit, however, we women are powerful and when we make a commitment to ourselves and we rise above obstacles we are capable of great doings. My experience practising the teachings I provide is that changes happen quickly. 

5. Is life in Australia different to life in the UK and why?

Yes, life in Australia is different, because is a country where a lot of the life happens around the beach and in nature, Australians are very relaxed and friendly, they love sports and are passionate about their way of living. Now, I love to live here in the UK, people are very friendly too and because of the weather they are very creative when being entertained comes into place. I also love the easy access to great cultural exhibitions, events and museums.

6. What is the most important thing you have learnt from your clients?

The most important thing that I have learned from my clients is that we are capable of great things when we elevate our frequency and we act with kindness, we become “radiant beings”, touching everyone around us with the power of love. Love is in everything, is in medicine, is in business, is in us. 

7. How to react in a world crisis? What is your advice to our readers?

Act from the heart as well as from the mind, speak from the heart.

Change your attention to things that make you happy, because where your attention goes, your energy flows, goes and stays.

Acknowledge what is going on, then make a plan of action and follow it. 

Ask for help, we are in this together, united we are powerful, even in isolation we can do something for others, like chatting on the phone, or sending a message of love and encouragement, for example.

Talk to your children and the people you live with about love and of how humanity will be victorious and will become more compassionate. 

Keep calm as much as possible, if you want to cry do it, however do not dwell on sadness, move on.

Fear is understandable, however try to elevate your frequency by doing something uplifting. 

In times like these, we women become stronger and are capable of showing great leadership. Lead from a place of feminine power. 

8.  How would you describe a successful woman?

From a spiritual point of view, we are all successful, we breathe, we give life, we care, we lead, we love and much more from our own experiences and that is a success in itself. 

9. What is the magic of your job?

Every time I see the results of the tools that I teach, I think “this is magical”, to see the transformation people go through is pure magic, to see that they have awaken their inner powers is magic, to see that they lead from a place of high vibration is magic, to see that they become powerful creators of their own results is magic, to see that they are now using high vibration words to communicate is magic, to see that they start influencing their environment in a positive way is magic, to know that they can sleep better at night is magic, to know that they become “radiant beings” doing great things within their communities and jobs is magic.

10. What adjective describes you best?

Loyal, because I am loyal to my spiritual practice, to my divine guides and to my clients.

11. Tell us about your favorite places in Australia, USA and UK?

Australia is such a beautiful country, there are many favourite places for me, for example Byron Bay, a small beach town full of good vibes and beauty, then Sydney, because it is such a spectacular city, our ex local beach Balmoral has a special place in my heart and Melbourne with its wonderful coffee shops. 

In the USA, I love New York and San Francisco. Denver holds a place in my memories, with the Rocky Mountains near by. 

In the UK, I love London, because it is such a vibrant and multicultural city, Brighton with its fun pier and Bath, because I love ancient history and I find the Roman baths quite mesmerising. 

12. How powerful are the words we use?

Words are vibration, they are waves of energy that break through our minds and bodies. Why? Because we are energy too, we vibrate, we emit and receive this vibrations constantly. In that sense, words have the power to do good or bad, that is why we have to be mindful of our vocabulary, of how we express ideas and thoughts, because words affect us.

13. Are we what we talk?

We are a whole, talk, thoughts and feelings. Our talking makes reality, our thoughts make reality and our feelings make that reality even deeper.

14. Is it more important what you say than how you say it?

Both are important, what you say, being words of high vibration or frequency or words of low vibration or frequency, has an impact and how you say it, with the intention and feeling you say it, it is equally important. Words are always accompanied by the intention and feeling we have when we express them, being aware of this is key.

15. Awareness of what is the most important in your practice?

Awareness of us being powerful souls, creators of our own reality and with the ability to change the world when we are connected to the Source (Origin, Great Architect, Archetype One, Buddha, God, whatever you want to call it).

16. A wish to IWConnected members and platform?

I wish you all good health, a deeper connection with your loved ones, courage and determination to face what is coming and victory and love now and always.

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Veronica Sanchez



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