Under The Spotlight with Veronica Vazeri

Business card :

Name – Veronica Vazeri

Nationality – British

Occupation – Gender Communications and Relationship Literacy Educator

Countries lived in – UK, Malta, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bahrain, the UAE, Tunisia, Libya 

Came to London – 2019

  1. Why Relationship Literacy? 

The quality of our lives is defined by the quality of our relationships with others. Whether it is personal or professional setting, we all have an in-built need to belong and to relate to others in a balanced and harmonious way. Communication is the basis on which human connection is made. It is one of the most crucial life skills that will determine whether we will succeed or fail in our both personal relationship and business landscape. 

Sadly, neither relationship literacy nor interpersonal communication skills are taught at schools and even universities. Most of us learn how to relate to others from our families of origin, which are not always a perfect ground for teaching these skills. More often than not, unhealthy ways of relating and communicating are passed from one generation to another. 

Fortunately, relationship skills are both science and an art, which CAN be learnt and applied to all our interactions for profoundly positive results. This is what I love teaching. 

2. How your expertise is different than the other experts in this field and why IWC members should turn to your services?

I had great share relationship failures before I learnt how to navigate the tiresome relationship landscape. Feeling determined to change my own life I went on a long quest for solutions to my own problems, researching and studying relationship science for years. Being a very analytical person, I was able to consolidate all the knowledge, discover patterns and derive formulas that are practical, and, most importantly, that really work! My understanding of gender differences in communication can and does transform any relationship – be it a romantic or business one. 

I love teaching how to make most important relationships in life balanced, how to communicate in such way that you are heard, seen and understood in any setting, and how to ensure the long-term longevity of any relationship through continuous growth and expansion.  

3.  What is your drive in business?

My drive is an exchange in learning. Every time I deliver a workshop I learn as much from my participants as they learn from me. It is always a two-way process, which is mutually enhancing. 

4. What inspires you?

It is excitingly rewarding to witness all the aha moments and experience all the transformation during the events, as well as to receive the messages of gratitude afterwards sharing all the positive changes that are taking place. 

5. Have you got a role model in business, if yes – who and why?

I have many role models, one of them is Dr Pat Allen, who taught me a lot, and who always will be an inspiration. She truly understood the relationship dynamics between genders in depth and was able to present it in a witty and accessible way. I always admire people who can make complex issues simple for others to understand. 

6. Who is your best client – a short description so IWC members can relate? 

My best client is a talented woman who wants to make her relationship just as successful as her career. She wants to find balance between power, success and femininity. Intuitively she knows she can have it all, and she is right! She needs support figuring out how to balance a successful career with a fulfilling personal life. 

7. How would you describe an inspirational woman?

An inspirational woman for me is a woman who knows her worth. She is feminine, compassionate, intuitive and grounded. She has strong boundaries and knows what she wants. She is committed to her growth and is generous in supporting others in their growth too. She is heard, seen and empowered. 

8. Do you organise events and where can IWC members meet you in person?

I do organise workshops in different locations once a quarter. My next event is in London on the 4-5thof April. It is a 2-day workshop on Executive Presence for Women. 

9. Are you specializing in working with females only and if yes – why? Do you have special programs for only ladies?

I work with both genders – I help women understand men better and men – understand women. Working with women, however, is naturally closer to my heart, because I can relate – because I have been there. I lived through every single struggle myself before.  

I know what it takes to be a successful woman in a male-dominated corporate world and have a balanced personal relationship. 

My workshop on Executive presence for women covers all aspects of what it takes being truly empowered businesswoman  – from verbal and non-verbal communication skills to boundaries, negotiations, gender communications, and so much more. It has been created for women who wanted to discover their authentic power by staying true to who they really are, without imitating men or wearing any ‘corporate’ masks to fit in. 

10. What was your biggest fear when starting your business?

The biggest fear I had to overcome when starting my own practice was my fear of being vulnerable. Being self-employed is much more vulnerable than working for someone else, on all levels – financial, reputational, emotional. There is no organization to hide behind; it is just me at the forefront.  It is ME who is leading, it is ME who people are dealing with, it is ME they need to trust and like, it is ME who motivates myself and others. All of this requires a lot of bravery. 

11. Who is your biggest supporter in business and life?

My friends and family. I organized my very first relationship workshop for a group of friends, while still working for another company. After the workshop they told me: “If you don’t focus on this full time you will be committing a crime to humanity. You have to make it your mission. You have to start sharing your knowledge”. This was a turning point for me. 

My family and friends are my strong supporters and cheerleaders who always believed in me (even when I didn’t). 

12. How do you organize your working day? 

I have my to do list. I love ‘to do’ lists. On that list, in addition to practical working tasks, I always schedule tasks that are fun and bring me joy. I also schedule ‘do nothing’ moments. I learnt that ‘doing nothing’ is my most productive and creative time, where my best ideas are flowing when I do nothing and full present in a moment.

13. How do you like to relax?

 I love dancing and oil painting – both relax me and ground me at the same time. 

14. What would you wish International Women Connected platform? 

I wish  IWC platform to keep expanding and connecting like-minded women together.

15. How IWC members can get in contact with you? (Contact details): FB: @relationshipschool, Instagram: @veronicavazeri,