Why you need to stop the 6 figure chase IMMEDIATELY!

Have you found yourself scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, eagerly joining groups, signing up for free resources, webinars and downloading tons of free workbooks, in the hope that you will find that magic bullet, that will help you join the group of successful entrepreneurs you are so eagerly following and longing to join?

Are you on the treadmill of constantly chasing the next ‘6 figure guide, tool, blueprint, eBook…’ (you name it)?

Are you wondering what is wrong with you and why you can’t seem to figure it out, when less experienced and less qualified people around you are ‘killing it’? 

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above you need to get off this exhausting and pointless treadmill immediately! 

Here is why and what you need to do to transform your business into the success you dream of:

  • This isn’t ground breaking news, but please take it seriously: most of what you see on social media isn’t true! Things get exaggerated off the scale and people happily share tons of “wins” all the time whilst carefully omitting the ‘not so winning results’. Stop scrolling through others’ ‘success’ and focus on working towards YOURS!
  • 6 figures (in 6 months, weeks, hours or seconds….) blueprints, guides, workbooks etc. are not going to deliver on their promise. Just because something worked for one person (most likely quite some time ago when social media was a different beast!) doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. The whole point of the skill of coaching is to help you realise what path YOU need to take to achieve the success you are after, not to get you to follow a cookie cutter recipe as it simply won’t work. If it was this easy everyone would be a millionaire.
  • Joining tons of groups and adding ‘value’ through spending hours commenting on other people’s posts whilst hoping someone will notice your skill and ask you to help them will waste your time and won’t bring you clients.

If you are serious about the success you are aiming for, stop chasing everyone and everything around you. 

What you need is YOUR OWN STRATEGY.

Strategy that aligns not just with your vision, but also with your values and skills.

Strategy that makes you stand out and not be a clone of all the people you see online. 

Strategy that you are confident with and one that keeps you on track and focused like a laser beam in a world full of shiny objects and empty promises tempting you with their brightness. #allthatglitterisnotgold