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WSquare’s First Global Digital Influencers Conclave for Women in London

Presented by GoDaddy and Powered by Sutherland in collaboration with WeWork.  

August 16th 2019 at WeWork, Holborn London.

WSquare is India’s First Co-Working & Incubation Center only for Women. We have more than 100000+ women entrepreneurs and women-led startups who are part of more than 120+ incubation programs and workshops ranging from Financial Management, Digital Marketing to Investor Talks and Networking events. WSquare has conducted more than 80+ initiatives that focus on digital transformation for women entrepreneurs and opportunities for women in technology, especially Women in Tech Leaders and Role Models as well as upskilling in emerging technology. 

With the Success of our Pan India Digital Influencers Conclave, we are proud to announce WSquare’s First Global Digital Influencers Conclave for Women in Londonpresented by GoDaddy and Powered by Sutherland in collaboration with WeWork on August 16th 2019 at WeWork, Holborn London.

With 100+ women entrepreneurs and women-led startups participating in the 1 Day Event, the main purpose of the conclave is to encourage women entrepreneurs to explore influencer marketing and understand digital transformation through masterclasses, panel discussions, expert talks, fireside chats and mentoring sessions, connecting entrepreneurs to influencers, women technology leaders, community leaders, authors and more. 

“Women who launched businesses routinely report that they have had to defy stereotypes and overcome others’ expectations of them; they also cited the lack of female role models in business. Another undetected issue that women entrepreneurs are facing today, are the lack of resources and acceptance to embrace digital transformation in business. Women might not have the flexibility to travel across the world, but an online presence helps them to create a world of possibilities outside their comfort zone and the Digital Influencers Conclave for Women addresses just that” says Vandhana, CEO & Co-Founder of WSquare 

The conclave from 10 am to 5.30 pm started with the First Panel of The Day a KeyNote & FireSide Chat with Doug Gilbert – CIO & Chief Digital Officer of Sutherland, Robert Ackland – Vice President EMEA of GoDaddy and Akshay Sonthalia – Head of Business Development , EMEA, Google  on the topic of Digital Transformation: A Catalyst to Break the Glass Ceiling, Interacting with Leaders on the Future of Work Defined by World Leaders. 

The discussion saw an All Women Panel from different verticals joining together and highlighting Women Entrepreneurs Driving Innovation in Business. Speakers: Erika Boger King – Chief People Officer; Penny Penati – Operations Lead at Laka; Bayo Adelaja – FRSA, Chief Do-er, DO it Now Now; Boryana Hristova – Founder of International Women Connected and Bahareh Green – Senior Business Partner, Marketing at Marsh.

“It was highly motivating to hear such amazing thoughts by women who shared their personal experiences and journeys with us to not just tell us to follow our dreams but also stand strong and make it happen. I have never attended an event with all women attendees and an all women panel in London so far. Really glad I could attend this one of a kind event” says Alice J, Entrepreneur and Attendee.

The event also had 1 hour masterclass sessions on The Art of Digital Marketing – Advanced Training for Facebook and Instagram Ads by Sheryl J and Building Your Brand through Digital Word of Mouth by Sakshi Anand, Senior Director of GoDaddy.

Digital Influencers Clara Rufai a Globally Awarded “Iconic Woman” and Dr J Harrison – Harbinger of Change from ThoughtWorks interacted with the audience on How to Own Your Influence.

“It’s important to encourage individuals and motivate them but also hand hold them in addressing common hurdles every woman face in their path of business like Work-Life Balance, Guilt Free growth in Business. We have various products made and sold by Women Business owners like Bottled Bliss, Vie story, Dhaaga, Naturals, Lettering Artz, Artmozo given to the speakers and attendees along with motivational books, Dessert jars by Table. The Event has seen a lot of support from Women Communities in London like International Women Connected, Women in Data Science. Inc42 and NewsMinute have also helped in reaching out to Women in Business” says Jinal Patel COO & Co-Founder of Wsquare.

The event ended on a highly emotional note with a session by Google #IAMREMARKABLE by Helen Hosein. When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are and its important you pat your back for everything you do.

 “One Woman Can Make a Difference, but Together we can Rock the World”