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Under The Spotlight with Nina Szewczak

Business card :

Name – Nina Szewczak

Nationality  – Polish & British

Occupation – Business Coach & Strategist

Countries lived in – Poland, Germany, UK

Came to UK – 12.11.2004

1.  What made you decide to move to the UK?

I knew that to get anywhere in life I needed to speak English, but I couldn’t afford lessons in Poland so I decided that the best way to learn will be in the UK.

I had never even visited this country before, but I packed one bag, took a 24 hour bus journey to London. 

I initially planned to stay for 3-6 months to learn the basics of the language and then I planned to go back home to study law…this was 14 years ago now!

2. What did you do prior to opening your business?

I have been very lucky to work for an amazing cosmetics brand where I have been for 13 years and gained my business, leadership, management and coaching skills. All of the experience paired up with the business qualifications I was doing outside of work gave me a great understanding of the business world and passion for sharing my knowledge to help others.

3. Why Goal Diggers? What is behind the name?

I’m not a big fan of the term ‘gold digger’, which in my opinion is sadly still used way too often when describing females, so I thought Goal Diggers will be just perfect for our business – if wanting gold or money is one of my goals – I can achieve it myself by digging deep and working hard, thank you very much!

We are capable of achieving anything we want in our lives and I want to help people to create their dream and desired lives through setting goals and taking action.

4. What was your biggest challenge when you arrived in London?

Not speaking a word of the language and not knowing anyone. The beginning was really hard and filled with lots of stress, tears and frustration, but I was determined not to give up, no matter how hard it was!

I knew that this experience will make me stronger and help me in the future. I truly believe that every difficult experience is a lesson that we need in order to get to where we want to get to. You might not see the learning point straight away, but it will reveal itself at the right time, it always does.

5. What inspires you to keep on moving with your business?

People, my love for learning and the incredible planet we are lucky to experience. Helping people is my biggest passion in life and I love being able to utilise what the world has to offer, so I can learn as much as possible and share my knowledge and skills with others to transform their lives.

6. Do you think there should be a special network for women only?

Absolutely! I truly believe that together we can achieve so much more.

Collaboration and supporting each other are key for me. One of my favourites quotes (and my motto in life) is:“you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn – and I truly believe in reaching out to help others.

7. One tip to women in business?

Action + collaboration + value = opportunities

Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you! Create your own opportunities through daily action, coupled up with collaboration, and providing value to everyone around you.

8. What makes you authentic?

With me what you see is what you get.

It’s very important for me to live my life with integrity, kindness, honesty and in line with my values, which are freedom, justice and authenticity.

9. Who is your role model?

I have a quite few role models actually. I believe in appreciating the people around you and cherry picking the best qualities from them so I can learn and use them too.

My mum has been a huge role model for me and I get my independence, grit and determination from her.

I believe that you are the ‘sum of 5’ (the five people closest to you shape your successpeople who you surround yourself with).  I make sure I am surrounded by people who inspire, motivate and help me to continue to better myself.

10.What is the secret to happiness for you?

Presence & gratitude. I truly believe in the importance of being present and being happy with where you are at all times. Positivity breeds positivity and I always try to look for the ‘silver lining’ in everything.  There is always one, no matter what the circumstance, but sometimes you have to dig to find it.

Goals and planning the future are important for me, but you should never base your happiness on ‘when’ something happens or wait for it to happen. Instead of waiting for happiness, you can feel it right now, through the positivity and gratitude of everything you have, and everything you are. I believe that happiness is a state of mind and it’s a choice you make.

11.Where in London do you spend most of your time? – Favourite restaurant or a place?

I live in Poole and my favourite place to eat here is a lovely quaint restaurant called Isabelles, where I can indulge in French & English cuisine. When I come to London I love spending time in the West End, where I can not only eat delicious food, but also feed my mind with some incredible stories from shows and musicals.  The restaurant named Bills is one of my favourites when I am in London because of the simple decor, great atmosphere and nice food.  Vanilla Black is also a favourite vegan restaurant of mine.

12. A wish for International Women Connected Social Network Platform?

My one wish for Women Connected Social Network Platform is for it to continue to grow and develop so it can support even more women around the world! It’s an incredible tool that can truly help you transform your life, and I want as many women as possible to benefit from it.

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