Makeup Basics Made Easy

A lot of the time Beauty and Makeup World intimidates us and looks very complicated. Every day we get bombarded with some crazy terms that put us off or make it seem like it’s Cosmic Science. In all it’s truthfulness everything is very simple. I would like to break down for you the basics of makeup in an easy way to see it and understand it. Concept is very simple and always comes down to 6 key basics and their purpose of service to us.

And here they are:

Foundation – The Base. It’s sole purpose is to even out your skin tone/completion, not to blank out everything on your face like a mask. And depending on your skin type, give you extra radiance or mattify.

3855123127_dcbaa752b5_oConcealer – The Camouflage. It serves a more targeted purpose then a foundation. It is designed to camouflage imperfections, dark circles that over obsess about and to disguise any unwanted guests that may decide to make an appearance on our skin from time to time. When thinking about concealer think precision, like a sniper – identify target – pull the trigger – imperfection gone…

27793953552_f30da93ea2_oBrows – The Face Frame. Defining your brows frames your face. The shape of brows will be unique to each face in order to compliment it’s own proportions. You work your own unique shape and enhance it, not follow what’s ‘the Current Trend’. It may be that particular trend out there now will not do your face any justice and make things worse – make you look mean and angry, or age your eyes…

14124323418_f822e942c3_oEye stuff – The Look. It all comes down to basics: mascara, shadow, liner. 3 key things that never change and are constant. They say eyes are the mirror to your soul. Think definition in order to get that capturing look and make your eyes a focal point is that’s the feature you love the most.


1261257201_681cc219cc_oFace colour – The Glow. We all need a blusher or a bronzer… No one naturally looks uniform colour on their face unless we’re really ill. In order  to introduce that glow and youthfulness to your complexion add a touch of colour and suddenly you’re alive!!!

6231884625_56c86d722e_bLips – The Mouth. Enhancing your lips is the quickest way to effortless glamour. It’s a no brainer. No one likes the look of dry chapped lips. Hydrated lips with a touch of colour will always attract attention in a good way. Lipstick is your glamour factor in one go. There’s something very feminine about it…

6025941009_de29b814f3_oAn easy way to think about makeup and its breakdown is to associate it with clothes. Pants are pants, a blouse is a blouse and they all serve one particular purpose and no other – no matter of their style, cut, or the fabric they’re made of, or the current trend. Same applies to makeup. Each section mentioned has it’s own definite purpose to serve us. I hope this breakdown helped you to understand the bare basic key points of makeup and shed some light into that vast forest of Beauty World.  

By Ina Prusakova