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About IWMU

IW Connected-Mumbai (IWMU) is a part of IW Connected, a multi-city digital and real-life Business Platform, the bridge your business needs to expand both locally and internationally. IWMU supports you and your business with shared experience, business contacts' catalogue, online trainings, interactive workshops and live events held every month in the heart of Mumbai.

Our Mission:

We aim to attract women from all nationalities in our network to share values, knowledge and business experience. Our mission is to create a safe space, where we can freely learn from each other, work for our personal growth and collaborate beyond borders. By bridging locations and individuals we allow small and middle-sized women-lead businesses to get seen, known and grown internationally.

Our Mission

Our Vision:

A world in which women have enough positive female role models in every area of the business and society to learn from and feel supported to reach their full potential both in personal and professional life.

Create a trusted network of like-minded women now.

Our Vision

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IWMU is your best choice if you are:
  • an active woman aiming to set up a business of her own.
  • a full-time corporate business woman striving for professional independence and better work-life balance.
  • a socially prominent woman, willing to be part of fashionable, social, educational and charity events.
  • a stay-at-home mum daring to unlock her potential by developing new business and social skills.

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