Under the Spotlight with Eva Gotsina-Netsova

Business card:

Name – Eva Gotsina-Netsova

Nationality – Bulgarian

Occupation – owner at influencer agency – “Influentica”

Countries lived in – Bulgaria

What is Influentica? What is your mission?

Influentica is an influencer marketing agency. On one hand we connect brands with the right influencers. On the other hand we represent some of the most popular influencers and celebrities in Bulgaria.

Our mission is to organize effective communication between brands and the right influencers who will generate authentic and engaging content. We have also just recently launched our very own influencer merchandise store. – in collaboration with some of our influencers. We offer high quality products made in Bulgaria.

Why did you decide to start working in this field?

Having an influencer marketing agency has been my dream for more than five years. I have been following the majority of the international influencers and the leading influencer marketing agencies and I was sure that I would have my own agency sooner or later. However five years ago the market in Bulgaria was not ready and I only founded Influentica less than 2 years ago.

How is your work different than the other experts in this field and why IWC members should turn to your services?

– In business as well as in life it all comes to people and relationships. I believe that taking a personal approach in everything I do is one of the key reasons of why Influentica has been successful so far. For less than two years we managed to become one of the leading Influencer marketing agencies in Bulgaria. We work with some of the biggest names among Celebrities, Singers, Instagrammers and YouTubers and we manage a combined portfolio of influencers with more than 1 million followers. The people we work with are not only our partners, but they are also family. We believe in building long-term relationships with both our influencers and customers.

How did you decide to leave the corporate field and start something on your own?

I’ve been in the corporate field for more than ten years and the last one or so I did not feel satisfied with my job and I was not feeling motivated. I wanted to have my own business and do something that I am passionate about, it was time to fulfill my dream. It was also the right time and I had a partner who supported me at the beginning and helped me to get out of my comfort zone and take the first step.

What do you think about having a partnership in business?

It is very individual. I have a really strong personality and I cannot work with everybody. This is also partly the reason I parted ways with my initial business partner. At one point we had a different vision for the company and we decided to part ways. We still do business together and I would always recommend him and his company.

What do you find most challenging in your work?

Huge part of my work is communication – communication with so many different people, with so many different personalities. Often creators are not used to working with contracts and tight schedules. Communication is sometimes 24/7 and the coordination is challenging. This is also one of the things that brings value to our customers, we take this effort off their plates.

I am blessed to have an amazing team of women that is handling big part of the business development and coordination work.

How do you keep your work-life balance?

Everybody who runs a business knows that you have to work and be available 24/7. I have the liberty to work from home and spend time with my daughter. My husband also runs a business and we manage to support each other. We also live in a highly digital world – proven especially by the past couple of months, we are able to do virtual meetings and be more flexible than ever.

Who is harder to please men or women in your business?

It is not a matter of gender, it is a matter of personal approach. At the end of the day business is business.

Who is your best client – a short description so IWC members can relate?

There is no best client, every client is important. We have big projects and small projects, but we treat all of them with the same attention and dedication. You never know how big will be the next project, but your reputation will follow.

Do you think having a social network only for women is a good idea? Why?

I believe it is a good idea because often big corporations are managed mostly by men. Therefore it is good to have a social network for women, where they can share success stories and motivate themselves to get out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams.

Do you organize events and where can IWC members meet you in person?

We were planning to organize events for influencers and marketiers, but due to the current public meetings restrictions this project is on hold. However, every IWC member who wants to connect with me can reach out to my LinkedIn profile and we can arrange a meeting.

How IWC members can get in contact with you?

          my LinekedIN profile

or via email –