Under The Spotlight with Lyuba Gaydeva

Business card: 

Name – Lyuba Gaydeva

Nationality – Bulgarian 

Occupation – Attorney-at-law

Countries lived in – Sofia, Bulgaria

Hello Lyuba, can you please tell us more about your business?


First of all, thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of IWC Network. It is a pleasure for me to meet and collaborate with women worldwide with so different lifeworks and experience. 

I am working as attorney-at-law in Sofia, Bulgaria and I am the founder of “Lyuba Gaydeva Law Office” / 

We offer highly qualified legal services to Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities. The scope of the services we offer covers the field of civil and commercial law, including contractual and inheritance law, real estate, labor and insurance law, as well as representation before Bulgarian court instances and arbitration tribunals.

We give priority to the provision of legal services in relation to the foreign investments to our local customers, assisting during the implementation of the entire project:

  • due diligence, 
  • registration of business companies / assistance of startups, 
  • assistance in obtaining licenses and authorizations, 
  • residence permissions of individuals, 
  • immigration services to all prospective clients, visas and residency permits for clients from EU and Non – EU states,
  • tax and accounting issues, 
  • as well as any subsequent consultations and support relevant to the specific business of each individual customer. 

What is your personal story? What made you chose this career path?

I have to admit that working as attorney-at-law is a long-cherished dream for me. Almost 15 years ago, I have studied law in Germany and this gave me the opportunity to build long-standing relations with foreign persons who are now having their own business in Bulgaria. 

I have chosen to stay and develop my own business in Bulgaria because this is my home country and I feel responsible to give my contribution for the future development of the state. 

Furthermore, I am very pleased to see that the daily efforts which we make contributes to the success of our clients and improvement of our standards as law firm.    

What would you like to change in the way people think of a female lawyer? 

I think that the trust and confidence of the clients can be based mainly on the qualification and professionalism of the lawyer. 

In my opinion, these are the main factors for the successful cooperation between clients and lawyer, regardless of whether the lawyer is female or male.

I am glad these are the criteria to be applied by our clients by trusting us as their local lawyers.  

Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur? What was the hardest part in establishing your own law firm?

Establishing my own law firm was a fruit of a lifetime of hard working. Creating my own business requires not only to keep together the right people and partners, but also to change myself, my own expectations and attitude. 

If entrepreneur means to feel yourself satisfied every day with the results of the services provided, to support people to start their own trade activity and realize their dreams, then I could define myself also as entrepreneur.

Tell us more about your mission and your vision in your own company?

I could define myself as a safe and stable professional partner of my clients by conducting of their own business in Bulgaria, concerning all legal issues which could daily arise, in all areas of the law. 

We provide a wide range of qualified activities for our clients, as legal services, accounting and tax services, as well as professional translation services.

Our everyday activities are a combination of our continuous strive for improvement and professionalism and compliance of rules and standards, which we acknowledge as our own office values and principles.

Do you think there is a positive business environment in Bulgaria? What business owners can find here and what they might benefit from?

Definitely! I am also pleased to confirm that Bulgaria still remains preferred place and favorable destination for starting private business with numerous benefits and advantages of operating here, since Bulgaria is part of the European Union and our legal regulations are dynamic aligned with the EU legal regulations.

Bulgaria has still one of the lowest corporate taxes in the EU /10%/ and 0% or 5% tax of dividends. 

As further advantages it should be mentioned:

  • low rental prices for business properties and utility costs;
  • low labor costs;
  • lowest social security in EU,
  • it would take only several business days for set up of a company, with minimum start-up capital of EUR 1,00. 
  • stable and secure bank system. There are more than 20 licensed local banks and at least 5 branches of foreign banks registered in the country.
  • stable financial system, which is based on the fact that the local currency – leva (BGN) has a fixed rate to the EURO and this protects the business from currency shocks.
  • less restrictions and administrative prove,
  • highly educated, talented and qualified employees.

Due to the mentioned advantages each year more and more foreign companies are starting to do business in Bulgaria. The world is becoming more global. 

What is the most common problem you help your clients solve? 

The problems are different depending on the trade activity of my clients. I could not define one or more of one problems as most common. Therefore, we consider each difficulty as a daily challenge to overcome in order to facilitate the activity of our clients. 

Do you have a problem with the so called “gender gap”?

In my work I personally do not have any problems with the so called “gender gap”. 

Therefore, as a lawyer I completely agree with the targeted measures of improvement of legislation and the quality of gender equality policies for defining, promoting and protecting women`s rights in and beyond Europe. 

It is undisputed that improving gender equality would lead to an increase of the economics worldwide and impact positive the individuals and the society at large. 

Who is your best client – a short description so IWC members can relate? 

I consider each one of my clients as the best one, since each client is a different type of person and unique as individual.  

The successful communication and cooperation with the client requires to be flexible and open-minded in order to provide the most qualified legal services as per the requirements of the client. This is one of the building blocks of the professional relationships.

However, if I shall define my most important expectation to my clients, this should be to have continuous contact and fairness with the client in order to be able to provide our best services. This allows us to build and maintain successful, long-standing contacts with our clients and partners from the country and abroad.

Do you suggest foreign business owners to establish their headquarters in Bulgaria? What are the pros and cons?

Yes, of course. We give priority to the provision of legal services in relation to the foreign investments to our local clients, assisting during the implementation of the entire project – due diligence, registration of business companies, assistance in obtaining licenses and authorizations, tax treatment, any subsequent consultations and support relevant to the specific business of each individual customer. 

Do you think having a social network only for women is a good idea? Why?

Yes, I think it is a great idea. I think that creating a social network exclusive for women could positive impact all areas of life of the women, not only the professional one. 

It should be considered that social networks allow women to share more business information /f.e. what kind of challenges they are facing at home and abroad/, as well as personal one which could improve the business environment of the women. 

For that reason, I thing that social network only for women would be the very effective and beneficial tool for the business of us all. 

How IWC members can get in contact with you?

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