Takako Toyooka… If There is a Dream There is a Way

Immigration Information Australia

Dreaming about and in Australia…
Her name is Takako. She is an educational agent and she helps overseas students find courses to study, enroll them in appropriate educational institution and assist them with getting their Overseas Health Cover.

You can probably tell from her name that she is from Japan. She came to Australia over 10 years ago, on a Working Holiday visa. The initial plan for her was to study English and explore Australia.

Takako about herself:

“…As it happens so often in life, things do not always turn out as you plan them. During my travels in Australia I met a guy and when my Working Holiday visa was about to expire I enrolled in a college so that I can stay with him a bit longer. Eventually, we got married in Japan and I applied for a Partner visa for Australia. We have spent the greater part of our time in Australia. In the last 10 years, we have lived in Japan for just over 18 months, not counting holidays.”

In Japan, she worked in a museum, and her job was to translate ancient Japanese manuscripts into modern Japanese.

For the last 7 years in Australia, she has been working as an Education Agent. In Australia she loves the coffee, nature and the fact that you have the time to spend with family and friends. She thinks the food in Australia is also great, there is so much choice and you can eat something different every day.


By education, she is a Japanese language teacher for non-native speakers. Her passion has always been in the area of Education and she wanted to work in a related field in Australia. To get recognition in Australia, she needed to study Japanese in a local university. Instead of studying a double degree, 4 years of Japanese and a Masters in teaching, she decided to study a Child Care.

Her husband has worked for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for over 8 years and she had over 7 years of Education experience.

Then, they both decided to combine their skills and open their own business.

At the end of 2016, she and her husband created an Migration and Education Agency, Immigration Information Centre .

“I was motivated to build my own business that will give me the freedom to work whenever I want from anywhere in the world. In today’s world businesses like Migration and Education are all managed electronically.” 

Like most people, she would like to achieve financial independence and security while being involved in a business that is interesting and has a positive impact on people’s lives.

She says that the positive energy, the joy and the excitement that she feels radiating from people’s face when they reach their goal is beyond words, and seeing someone just been granted their Permanent Residence in Australia is one of the many positive aspects of the work she does.


The road to get to this final stage may be sometimes long and challenging, but this is what makes the final result so rewarding.

The Immigration Information Centre will work with you to find you a course that will best meet your needs. It may be an English preparation course for IELTS or it may be a whole pathway with many courses that will eventually allow you to apply for a Permanent Visa.

Takako’s husband, Lazar does the initial assessments for the clients and then prepares a list of options available to you, based on your individual circumstances. Takako’s job then is to find an affordable and at the same time good college or university that will meet the your criteria.

Then she prepares all the documents and assist you in enrolling in the institution of their choice. The Immigration Information Centre will not charge you any fees for their service. Once the client is accepted and is issued a COE, Lazar can assist the client to apply for their student visa, he charges a fee for his services. When you complete your studies, Lazar assesses his eligibility to apply for a visa once again and then manages the whole visa process for you.