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Lost And Found ….. Caroline Treanor

My Story, My Why & My Business Passion.

My Story & My Why

I started out 26 years ago from University with clear intentions of being a Teacher for my whole career but quickly decided that wasn’t for me so moved into Banking and became a Branch Manager of several London high street branches during my twenties. In my thirties I moved into Corporate Law working for a US Law Firm in the City heading up training for its support staff and secretarial staff and specialising in Leadership training and coaching for Lawyers whilst juggling family life as a Mum by this time to 3. During my forties circumstances changed for me, my Dad died and my marriage came to an inevitable end. Of course that was another story but the circumstances around that period challenged me to the limit, financially and emotionally. It was a tough time on many levels. Saying that, this was a time of huge growth. In 2010 I moved into a local role in coaching and mentoring in the Policing Sector.

Although this role was interesting it was a big shift for me in terms of seniority as I had moved from the top of the career ladder to a different role, which was more flexible, so I could be there for my children. However, it was becoming harder and harder to stay in my house I had funded from my previous City salary and I was somewhat ‘sinking’ financially! No one knew, as things seemed fine on the outside. It was tough too as the children were very young (2, 4 and 7). It was during 2014 that my best friend who was concerned about my health bought me a litre of aloe vera drinking gel. I tried to be grateful (I would have preferred red wine!) but I committed to drinking it as she was convinced it would help me with my digestion! So I began……it took a while to get used to the taste! But I persevered and I knew I would need to drink it for several weeks before I could tell if it was making me feel better.

Several pots later, I felt great. More energy, I slept better, my digestion was better and I knew that I would always drink aloe vera and committed to doing some research. So I did….I studied and researched and talked to Drs and talked to professionals in this World. This one pot of aloe vera drinking gel was to lead to a business which was to change my life…………a while later I was invited to look at the business plan and I was blown away by the potential.

So my journey began….I thought ‘I’m not sure I can do this’ but I had stacks of support and I could fit it in the ‘tiny’ pockets of time I had (which was about 5 hours per week). So I made a few small changes, I switched off the TV and set to work. I knew I could sell the products as I believed in them, was passionate about aloe vera and was using so many products already. But I had also referred many clients to my friend before and I had no problem with talking about how each product. So many people I knew wanted to have great skin, healthy digestion, a healthy immune system and healthy joints so I knew our specialist drinking gels would be my key products. After all, I only needed to find 20 clients to provide a very good top up income, enough to keep me in the black each month! And fund some treats like holidays.

I also knew there was massive potential with our Company as we trade in 160 countries and I could retail and recruit in all of these and this really excited me. I researched the Company and knew we had been trading for many years and grew all our own aloe vera. On the one hand I needed to be sensible, but on the other, I fancied myself as a bit of an ‘entrepreneur’ and I saw so many other ordinary people achieving great things, I saw this as a way to earn the full time London salary again but, more importantly, have a career where I did not have to sacrifice time with my precious children, where I did not have to be limited to 20 days leave per year and miss out on time with the children during the holidays and key activities. So, I grew the business slowly, at my pace, with no pressure just amazing mentors supporting me. 2 years later in 2016 I took a leap of faith and sacked the boss!

My Business Passion

So, now I work my business from home around my children, mainly from my iphone and imac! I live a happy life now. Being my own boss, having total freedom and flexibility to do what I want, when I want. I do not have to worry anymore about childcare or childcare costs during the holidays. I enjoyed my previous jobs but always dreamed of being in control of my life, without any risk to my family and being able to work in my way, when I want.

What do I love about what I do? I love my Company, ForeverLiving Products, the people and the fact that we are family run and are government accredited in 160 countries. I love the fact we hold an ‘investors in people award ‘ at gold level which I know, as a training professional, how good an Organisation has to be to get this and keep qualifying.

I am driven by a big passion to help others achieve their goals and one of the most rewarding aspects of my role is to be able to train and coach others to achieve what they want, be that, more time, extra income, financial freedom, better health or great personal development. I offer different roles from people who want to start off as I did with a small retail business who only have a few hours per week, to team leaders and business developers. Do not get me wrong; we work hard to achieve bigger businesses. People who work with me get good solid support to achieve their goals and live their dreams if they are prepared to work with me for 2 to 5 years.

Lessons Along The Way

The last few years have been a period of huge personal development and a few top tips for anyone starting out in business, whether that be network marketing, or a traditional business are:

Give it TIME. Be patient. Focus on the end goal and take action along the way but things don’t happen overnight. Concentrate on enjoying the journey and the development.
Be a ‘sponge’ and take the time to ‘hone your craft’. Learn all about your products and services so you are an expert and learn the skills you need to get better and better at what you do. These, of course, will be different for different people.
With the above in mind, invest in your personal development. Have a personal development budget and prioritise training. Get a mentor.
Work hard but have a good balance and do not take action if you are feeling ‘out of whack’ and not ‘aligned’. Rest and time off is important. I see so many people in my business ‘burning out’ and getting stressed but the whole reason for why they started this business is for a better work, life balance!
Keep fit and eat healthily and drink stacks of water.
Learn all about he ‘Law Of Attraction’ and focus on your vibration.
Surround yourself with positive like-minded people who lift you and think you are fabulous!



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About the author :
Caroline has 26 years experience, starting out in her career as a Teacher and then in her twenties, moving into Banking. She became a Senior Branch Manager of several London high street branches in the banking sector. In her thirties she moved into Corporate Law working for a US Law Firm in the City heading up training for its support staff and secretarial staff and specialising in leadership training and coaching for Lawyers whilst juggling family life as a Mum to 3. During her forties she moved into Coaching and Mentoring in the Policing Sector. During this time over the past 2.5 years she started developing her network marketing business, has now sacked the boss. Caroline now enjoys time and freedom with her children running her own business as a Specialist Business Coach recruiting and training sales people around the World in the Health & Well Being Sector, working under the umbrella of Forever Living Products.


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