Stay Stylish and Classy While Pregnant

pregnancy office wear

While approaching my second trimester, I am facing something that probably many pregnant women have had to deal with… the wardrobe. Even though my pregnancy is not very noticeable, it’s a mission impossible to button up my pants and skirts. When it comes to everyday and casual outfits that wouldn’t be a problem since I always go for leggings and a tunic. If I have to consider more formal dressing though, I am finding it a bit challenging.

Most of the women don’t feel like dressing up these months since they always feel like “out of shape” and swollen. Also, good and stylish maternity clothes could be expensive and I guess more of you are on a budget. Also let’s face it – there is no point on spending heaps of money on something that you would wear for couple of months only. After all you are planning to quickly lose those few kilos, aren’t you?!

Here are some of my favorite business styles for pregnant women.

Basically, you can always count on the old formula of having one pair of each: pants, a skirt, a jacket, a dress, and a tunic top. Combine these and you can get a different outfit for every day of the week.

Sweaters, long jackets and cardigans, loose shirts, and leggings are perfect since they cover up your growing belly without drawing immediate attenuation to it.

As of the materials, go for stretchy soft materials, like cotton, knits and jersey.

Maternity pants are must-have item in your wardrobe during pregnancy. You can always combine them with a loose shirt and still look classy and good in the office.

Don’t worry about tucking in your shirt. It will still look great and it will not accentuate your belly.

Don’t abandon pencil skirts when you are pregnant. You can still look awesome in it.

You can combine summary and light dresses with a blazer to add the needed office elegance.








Or if you feel more confident you can still wear bodycon dresses. Add a blazer for more corporate look.

In conclusion, I would like to add that expecting a baby not always comes with all of the negative aspects on the beauty, so embrace your pregnancy and be fabulous, girl!