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A new Australian company distributing unique baby shoes, closest to barefoot walking


Reni & Reni

Reneta Jones (Reni) and Reneta Owen (Reni), the two founders of Buikki, share not only a name, but the same passion. They are both mums and entrepreneurs. They were both born in Bulgaria and came to Australia more than 10 years ago out of curiosity and led by an adventurous spirit.

Combining parenthood with their entrepreneurial passion led them to finding a market niche for first walking baby shoes and eventually establishing their own company Buikki in 2016. These two amazing ladies have managed to find a new and unique product and bring it to the Australian market, and I believe this product will not stay unnoticed for very long. The quality, the difference and uniqueness of the design is what makes it a perfect business idea.

Reni and Reni actually met by accident 8 years ago. They have built a close friendship, which has flourished over the years and so it was an easy decision to become partners as well.


Reneta Jones - Co-Founder

Reneta Jones – Co-Founder

Reneta Owen - Co-Founder

Reneta Owen – Co-Founder

How it started

Led by the idea to find the perfect baby shoes for their little ones that are not only light but durable, Reni and Reni found out that no product in Australia came even close to what they wanted.

Reni Jones first spotted these unique shoes many years ago when she went back to her home for a holiday and took her baby girl – Sophia, with her. She found the ideal baby walking shoes there and bought Sophia a couple of pairs.

She also discovered that the shoes have already been on the European market for over 20 years and back in 2012 they received the Forbes Award for product quality.

To our disappointment, our options were limited. The comfortable baby and kids walking shoes offered on the market were mainly leather soles. They were sweating their little feet and were not durable.

Back in Australia, Sophia would wear her favourite shoes everywhere. Reni was quite often stopped and asked by other mums about the shoes, and where they were purchased from. Sophia’s kindergarten teachers would make comments on how easy they are to put on and how light and a good fit they are. This is where Reni came up with the initial idea to bring these shoes to Australia and shared it with her close friend. This is how BuiKKi was born.

What makes the difference

The unique design and the quality of the shoes is what separates BuiKKi from all the other similar products in Australia. The shoes are specially designed to be lightweight and flexible for second skin-like feeling, and they are closest to bare feet walking. They are made from microfiber and have leather lining and innersole and are very easy to put on and off via the ZIP CLOSURE going all the way through the sole. A soft collar provides additional protection around the ankles. A pair is less than 120 grams; they are breathable and safe, thus the perfect choice for those most important first baby steps.

baby wearing buikki

Brand vision

The quality and the uniqueness of the design is what makes BuiKKi incomparable to any product distributed in Australia.

We would like to see our shoes in the big department stores and also we would like every child in Australia to make their first steps in our beautiful Buikki.

How to order

BuiKKi is an exclusive distributor of the well-known European brand KK First Walking Shoes, meaning you can only order BuiKKi through either their official online shop at or their Facebook page. There is a free delivery option and express delivery which would cost you $20. Sizes varies from 0.5 to 4 and there are different designs to choose from.